Additional forecast services available to Tempst One customers.

In addition to the Tempest point forecast, we offer gridded model data via our REST API to TempestOne customers.

Available Models

This endpoint returns all models available for a given location (latitude, longitude). A full list of available models is below.

  • WeatherFlow Weather & Research Forecast Models
  • High-Resolution Rapid Refresh - HRRR
  • North American Mesoscale Model
  • Icosahedral Nonhydrostatic Model
  • Global Forecast System Model
  • Canadian Meteorological Centre Model
  • Weather Research & Forecasting Model
  • Advanced Research Weather Model - Hawaii
  • Wavewatch III

WeatherFlow Weather & Research Forecast Model

Our custom WeatherFlow WRF model is run for a variety of domains at different resolutions.

RegionAvailable Resolutions
San Francisco Bay1km, 3km
Southern California1km, 3km
Seattle1km, 3km
United States - Southeast2km
United States - Mid Atlantic2km
United States - Northeast2km
South Florida2km
South Texas2km, 6km
North Florida and Georgia2km
Lake Michigan3km

Model Data

Available by specifying a model, this endpoint returns the model information for a specific location. When available, model information returned includes:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind Speed, Wind Gust
  • Wind Direction
  • Northing, Easting
  • Max Wind Speed, Max Wind Speed Distance
  • Precipitation Time
  • Model Run Time