Get observations for a device (Air, Sky, or Tempest) by using the device_id as the key. You can find device_id values in the response from the Stations service. You can get observations using several filters (e.g. latest obs, a time range, or day offset).

An obs array object is returned in this API response, which consists of a list of observations. The type field determines the order of the array elements, based off of the table below.

DeviceDevice TypeObservation Format
Tempestobs_stTempest Observation
AIRobs_airAIR Observation
SKYobs_skySKY Observation

The observations are returned in chronological order from the time_start to time_end query parameters. If no time_start or time_end is given, only the most recent observation is returned.

Generally, a user can only query data for their own devices, using the API token associated with their account. Commercial users may be able to query all devices associated with a mesonet.

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